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Nik Rabinowitz

Nik Rabinowitz is coming to the UK following the success of his recent one-man show in Cape Town. Nik is turning 40 and has decided London would be the best location for his midlife crisis. Please don’t tell him that 40 is the new 30, it will only confuse him.

In this show, there is a variety of subjects, some related to his bout with middle age, some not. But he's not committing to anything specific now because you could have specific expectations of the show, leaving him no room to change his mind at the last minute, which is he 'wont to do'.

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Honestly though, does it really matter what it’s about? It’s a comedy show. There will be stories, there will be awkwardness, there will be accents, Oh, and please remember that the rand is now at 16 to the pound so, if you see Nik after the show...buy him a beer would you?

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Age Restriction: PG 16